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Having over five decades of experiences in export has gained us the knowledge to thrive and succeed. We have exported a wide range of high quality, Aflatoxin free in-shelled Pistachios, Pistachio Paste and Kernels. Our pre-shipment processes ensure that every pistachio you receive is as flawless as the last.


We are proud to have FSSC 22000 certificate which has resulted in a high customer satisfaction rate.

Pistachios have a mildly sweet taste and are excellent options for snacks as they fill you up fast and are nutrient-rich. They are one of the few nuts that contain most of the nutrients such as Carbohydrates, Protein, Amino Acids, Fats, and Dietary Fibre. They are rich in minerals such as Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, and Sodium.

Pistachios also provide essential vitamins like Vitamins A, B6, C, E, and K as well as Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, etc. They are lower in calorie and fat content compared to many other nuts and dried fruit. Pistachios are among the healthiest nuts, yet they are scarcely consuming as often as they should be.

A) Long pistachios are of three types: Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, and Badami

B) Round pistachios are of two types: KallehQuchi and Fandoghi

Pistachios presented in one of the following styles:

  • Raw pistachios

  • Roasted pistachios

  • Roasted & Salted pistachios

  • Roasted & Salted pistachios s – Saffron coated

  • No Shells – BBQ

  • Sweet Chili

  • Salt & Pepper

  • No ShellsRoasted & Salted

  • No ShellsLightly Salted

  • No ShellsSea Salt & Vinegar

The pistachio tree is a deciduous, long-living, slow-growing tree that reaches a height of 20-33 feet (6-10 meters). Pistachios are one of the oldest edible nuts and are commonly used all over the world. Among tree nuts, pistachios appear to be particularly susceptible to contamination by Aflatoxins, but what makes us different is we guarantee Aflatoxin free pistachio.



The benefits of buying pistachio from Iran

The kernels of Iranian pistachios are taller than their shells. This means that compared to other pistachios, Iranian pistachios kernels weigh more than their shells.

Iranian pistachios can be roasted. The content of unsaturated oil in Iranian pistachios is higher than other types of pistachios, so Iranian pistachios have a higher capacity for roasting.

 Iranian pistachios can be heated between 160 and 180 degrees Celsius. This amount of roasting gives the pistachio a unique taste while destroying any bacteria.

 Pistachios from other countries can usually not be heated to over 120 degrees Celsius. This makes them unique, and it has many advantages that other types of pistachios do not have.

Buying pistachio from Iran lets you taste its special taste. For a long time, consumers all over the world have preferred the taste of Iranian pistachios to all other types of pistachios. Each of the four Iranian pistachio cultivars has a unique and special taste.

 Some producers even make pistachio powder or slices with a combination of all four varieties of Iranian pistachios, which give a unique taste to foods and snacks.


Types of pistachio packaging with aluminum or cellophane wrappers :

In this type of packaging, it is necessary to print and design cellophane or aluminum wrappers with the intended brand to send these small export packages to the target country. The desired weight for these packages is generally between 20 and 500 grams. Occasionally, one kilogram of cellophane and aluminum packages of pistachios are also used, but because of the need to increase the thickness of the wrapper in the weight of one kilogram, it is preferred with other packages.

Types of pistachio packaging with vacuums of one kg to 5 kg:

Vacuum packages of one to five kilograms are not very small and light weight, but because most factories put one kilogram of vacuum packages in the basket of store goods, they have placed it in this category. These packages are usually several times longer than normal because they are empty of air. In one-kilogram vacuum cleaners, the thickness of the nylon is considered to be high vacuum so that the sharp point of the pistachio shell does not cause holes and air to enter, because as long as there is no air inside the package, it greatly reduces the possibility of pests and insects growing.

Metal can packaging for pistachios :

Metal cans, especially easy cans, are open in most stores and are used for most products because of their beautiful appearance, long shelf life and high level of hygiene. The use of easy-to-open metal cans for packing processed pistachios and various types of export nuts weighing 150 grams to one kilogram is very common and they are also reasonably priced. These small packages of pistachios are in cylindrical, cubic and elliptical designs, and the packages themselves are mainly supplied through imports and have a very high quality.

Cardboard packaging with transparent laminate layer for pistachios:

This type is usually used when the production volume is low or the variety of the brand is high for a product. This is because empty laminated cardboard packages, which usually have a transparent part, can be obtained from many shops and stores. The typical weight of this type is more between 50 to one kilogram, and its weight flexibility is very high, meaning that any weight number can be selected between this mentioned range.
There are also small zipped packages that make them easy to open and close for the end buyer.
It is recommended that companies and groups that want to pack fresh and early with their brand use this type so that they have spent the least cost and in the shortest time the minimum amount of their brand To market.

Pistachio bulk packaging :

This type of packaging is also suitable for weights of 5 to 12 kg, which also helps the product to last longer.
Of course, using this package for transportation by human resources is much easier and more convenient.

Pistachio packaging in cartons is in accordance with the standards of bulk packaging in Canada and Taiwan.
Of course, more than 95% of Indian traders also order this type of packaging, which they enter directly into the consumer market.

Using cartons, since it enters the target market directly, brand and product information can be printed on it, which helps a lot in branding this product and company.

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