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Honeybee has other products besides honey each of which has a great role in health and nutrition
due to their ingredients and compounds. These products have been used as nutritional
supplements in addition to the medicinal and hygienic properties.
Royal Jelly, Propolis Mixture of Royal jelly and Honey Pollen.

Special Royal Jelly, Golden Sky Food

Natural Honey ,golden sky food Co.

Special Royal Jelly:

It is a substance secreted by a pair of brain glands of nurse worker bees, usually at the age of 2 to 12 days, and is used by the queen throughout her life and in the early stages of bee growth.

The reason for the difference between the queen’s feed and worker bees and the properties of the royal jelly was the main subject of German researchers’ studies and they concluded that the beauty and strength of the queen and the queen’s longevity and difference in longevity with other bees lies in this life-giving substance.

Experts in beekeeping say that the reason why the queen bee can lay about 2,000 eggs in 24 hours and live for 3 to 5 years, while the useful life of other bees is 45 to 60 days. That is, the queen feeds on a special food that other bees do not have access to except the first 3 days of the growing stage. This special food is called Royal Jelly and its importance in the life of bees is the same as the role of breast milk in the life of babies. Royal jelly is qualitatively composed of two substances, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), which is why royal jelly is very rich in pantothenic acid.

Propolis , Golden Sky Food

Natural Honey ,golden sky food Co.

Propolis is a resin that bees collect from trees and plants. It is famous that the name propolis is an Aristotelian invention derived from the Greek words (propolis) meaning the defender of the city. The main composition of propolis Contains resin and wax. It also contains essential fatty acids, pollen and organic and inorganic compounds such as silver, sodium, mercury, copper, manganese, iron, calcium, vanadium and silica. The most important use of propolis in the hive is to cover and disinfect the cells in which the queen lays eggs.

Indications (medicinal properties):

Treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, gastric and intestinal ulcers, oral and dental diseases, respiratory diseases and anemia, wound tissue repair, wound healing, especially burns, improving the immune system, stimulating the immune system, protecting and strengthening the liver Antihistamine, antacid, gastric acid, antifungal, antiparasitic, radiation, antiseptic, anti-tumor, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-cough and anti-throat, anti-oral pest, anti-tooth decay , Anti-inflammatory and analgesic muscle.

Cosmetic application:

Skin and cosmetic applications are one of the most common uses of propolis and its extracts today. Its effects on tissue repair and regeneration have been thoroughly investigated. Propolis, along with its bactericidal and fungicidal properties, provides many benefits in various cosmetic applications. Aqueous extract of propolis is extracted using water and is the best type of extract (due to the non-use of alcohol in extraction). And contains 40% of propolis extract.

pollen , Golden Sky Food

Natural Honey ,golden sky food Co.

The bee collects pollen from the flowers and stores it in the basket of its hind legs, then adds some nectar and enzymes to it and brings it to the hive to feed other bees and larvae.


Medicinal properties and effects of Iranian bee pollen 120 g on the body:


Reduction of fever, asthma, memory enhancement, joint pain, cardiovascular disease, alcoholism, rickets, anorexia, anemia, child malnutrition, hair loss, intestinal infection, skin diseases, arterial occlusion, diabetes treatment, longevity, allergy treatment Prostate treatment, Gastric ulcer, Blood regulation, Constipation, Aging weakness treatment, Intestinal movement regulation, Increased sexual power, Body energy supply, Strengthening children, Antibiotic properties, Depression syndrome treatment, Treatment of colitis, Gastric or peptic ulcer Menstruation, a suitable dietary supplement for postoperative recovery. Regular consumption of pollen increases the body’s resistance to colds. Supply of nutritional deficiencies that often occur as brittle nails, hair and skin wrinkles. Due to the great value of chemical compounds, it creates tremendous energy for athletes. Treatment of blemishes and wrinkles on the skin of the face (a mixture of powdered flour and honey) in the form of a mask.


Method and amount of pollen consumption:


Dissolve a teaspoon of 120 grams of Iranian bee pollen in some boiling water and then add two teaspoons of honey to it, mix well and then dilute with water or milk and drink it every day before breakfast.


To start consuming, it is better to start with small amounts to determine the possible sensitivity.

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