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Golden Sky Food, one of the world’s oldest, largest, and fastest-growing international dried fruit manufacturers and exporters, originated and flourished in Florida, USA.

We use the empty capacity of companies that have international standard certificates to produce and package some of our products. Certificates such as FDA, Kosher, Halal, Sedex, FSSC 22000, HACCP, Organic, and IFS. By doing this, we have been able to increase the volume of our production and packaging at the beginning, and we can provide world-class services with more speed and agility. We were also able to play our part in the area of ​​social responsibility and bring back the workforces that had been adjusted, which eventually led to the employment of 2,300 new workforces. We are proud of this work and effort.

Enjoy our world-class quality goods and services.

GoldenSkyFood is a family-owned private company with over four generations of experience working side by side as a manufacturer and worldwide exporter of Iranian Honey, Dried Fruit, and Edible Nuts in all varieties of Pistachios, Sultanas/ Raisins,  Dates, Persian caviar, and Figs in all kinds of packaging.
Our head office is located in Dubai, UAE and from there the supply chain is managed.

We maintain fully automated plants and factories with proper quality control systems, taking every precaution that the quality of our goods is FIRST CLASS.

Raw materials are harvested at the appropriate state of maturity, cleaned, sorted, packed, metal detected, vacuum fumigated, inspected and loaded in containers at our factories. Through our own sales team, you will be supplied with the products in direct route from growers to your warehouse under the control of international quality control organizations with the most convenient prices.

We take pride in having the most satisfied and loyal customers.

All over the world to those who are looking for the highest quality of Iranian Dried Fruit and Nuts at the most favorable prices, we ship directly from origin to the clients in any country and any continent.

Trust us and we will carry out your orders, professionally and with highest integrity.

Our Commitment to Service, Quality & Value: We recognize that our customers are individual companies with unique and distinctive needs, striving against their own competition for success and survival. It is clear that in order to succeed, we must raise our expectations of quality, performance and mutual support. Companies involved in trade, whether buyers or sellers, are composed of individuals with requirements and opinions that matter.

We know that we are judged by performance so we strived to be trusted.


To be the world’s most admired provider of foodservice and support services.

We are committed to:

  • Great People
  • Great Service
  • Great Results

We believe that by living our vision, we can make a positive difference in the world.


  • Deliver exceptional quality, food safety, and service consistently, exceeding industry standards.
  • Embrace environmental sustainability by minimizing energy, water, and resource use in our processes and packaging.
  • We cultivate healthy products for healthier lives, continually striving to improve them.



1- Responsibility
2- Honesty
3- Trust
5- Employees
6-World Environment
7-Global Health




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We are a production and export  company with over half a century of experience. Golden  Sky Food guarantees the quality of its products with the finest ingredients, completely natural, free of additives and artificial colors. We can be the right business partner for you with world-class appropriate production and Quality.
Elevate your offerings with the taste of natural perfection. Crafted with care and free from compromise, our ingredients will shine through in every dish.

Call today to discuss partnership opportunities and unlock a world of flavor for your customers.



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