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Currently, the core requirements for organic beekeeping are as follows:  

  • Beehives must be positioned in an area with a radius of 3 km, which is free of contamination by chemicals (e.g. from an industrial complex, airport or main road).  
  • Crops on which the bees feed must not have been chemically treated. 
  • Artificial feed must carry organic certification. 
  • Diseases must not be treated with veterinary medicines, only with approved organic substances. 
  • Bees must not be stupefied while the honey is harvested. 
  • The hives should be made of natural materials. 


Monofloral honeys are produced by bees which collect their nectar mainly from one specific type of flower (e.g. Acacia). Through pollen analysis in a laboratory, you can determine whether a honey can be marketed as monofloral.  

For many monofloral honeys, pollen from the main floral source must account for around 40% of the total pollen content. However, the minimum amount of pollen from the respective floral source depends on the type of flower, since different flowers produce different amounts of pollen. 


Propolis is a resin that bees collect from trees and plants. It is famous that the name propolis is an Aristotelian invention derived from the Greek words (propolis) meaning the defender of the city. The main composition of propolis Contains resin and wax. It also contains some essential fatty acids, pollen and organic and inorganic compounds such as silver, sodium, copper, manganese, iron, calcium, vanadium and silica. Propolis is most commonly seen at the entrance or flight hive. Becomes. Layers of propolis stored in the hive are used to seal the seams and pores of the hive. The most important use of propolis in the hive is to cover and disinfect the cells in which the queen lays eggs.

Treatment method of aqueous extract of propolis:

Propolis does not act like a chemical drug that kills foreign bacteria, viruses and germs, but is a regulator of hormones and an antibiotic that is the body’s own natural stimulant. As a result, propolis can be used by any healthy or sick person.

Indications (medicinal properties):

Treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, gastric and intestinal ulcers, oral and dental diseases, respiratory diseases and anemia, wound healing, wound healing, especially burns, improving the immune system, stimulating the immune system, protecting and strengthening the liver , Antihypertensive, Anti-gastric, Anti-fungal, Anti-parasitic, Anti-radiation, Disinfectant, Anti-tumor (anti-cancer), Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial, Anti-cough and anti-throat, Anti-oral plague, Anti-tooth decay , Anti-inflammatory and analgesic muscle.

Cosmetic application:

Skin and cosmetic applications are one of the most common uses of propolis and its extracts today. Its effects on tissue repair and regeneration have been thoroughly investigated. Propolis, along with its bactericidal and fungicidal properties, provides many benefits in various cosmetic applications. Aqueous extract of propolis is extracted using water and is the best type of extract (due to the non-use of alcohol in extraction).  And contains 40% of propolis extract.


Physical and chemical properties of special royal jelly:

Royal jelly is a special substance of light yellowish gelatinous color, colloidal and sticky, with acidic and astringent taste and almost sour. Its specific gravity is about 1/1. Chemical analysis of Royal Jelly shows that it contains 66% water, 34.12% protein, 36.5% fat and 12.5% ​​reducing agents, 82.0% ash and 8.2% unspecified substances. It contains a variety of B vitamins, sugars, sterols, a number of fatty acids and antibiotics.

Special healing properties of Royal Jelly:

Royal jelly has been considered a wonderful and miraculous substance for many years. Royal Jelly has been widely promoted by some idealists as a treatment for any pain. Beekeepers have proven that Royal Jelly is antimicrobial and antiseptic. That is why it stays healthy for a long time. In 1935, Henry Hill discovered a hormone called Gomandotropic, which strengthens the gonads. Therefore, in addition to having a strong vigor, its eater also increases its lifespan and maintains its sexual strength for a long time. In 1955, a Belgian researcher, Villon, proved through research that Royal Jelly could cure neurological diseases and heart failure. Doctors agree that Royal Jelly is beneficial for humans due to its vitamins, hormones and minerals. Do not overdo it because it may cause side effects such as disorders caused by too many vitamins and even poisoning. Some scientists recommend Royal Jelly to increase human life expectancy.


The bee collects pollen from the flowers and stores it in the basket of its hind legs, then adds some nectar and enzymes to it and brings it to the hive to feed other bees and larvae.

Medicinal properties and effects of Iranian bee pollen 120 g on the body:

Reduction of fever, asthma, memory enhancement, joint pain, heart vessels, alcoholism novel, rickets, anorexia, anemia, child malnutrition, hair loss, intestinal infection, skin diseases, arterial occlusion, diabetes treatment, longevity, allergy treatment Prostate treatment, Gastric ulcer, Blood regulation, Constipation, Aging weakness treatment, Intestinal movement regulation, Increased sexual power, Body energy supply, Strengthen children, Antibiotic properties, Depression syndrome treatment, Treatment of colitis and gastritis, Reduction of previous inflammation From menstruation, proper dietary supplement after surgery. Regular consumption of pollen increases the body’s resistance to colds. Supply of nutritional deficiencies, which often occur as brittle nails, hair and skin wrinkles. Due to the great value of chemical compounds, it creates tremendous energy for athletes. Treatment of blemishes and wrinkles on the skin of the face (a mixture of powdered flour and honey) in the form of a mask.


After confirming the sample and concluding the contract, 30% cash for labeling and packaging of your product, and the remaining 70% after product approval and buyer specification by SGS in the presence of the buyer and seller representative, as well as the draft bill of lading.


We are the manufacturer of our products. As a result, the supply chain is very short and traceability is 100%.


You have the opportunity to check for 72 hours after the shipment arrives at the port or customs of destination. And if there is a problem and it is presented to us, we will check the shipment by SGS in accordance with the US FDA standard and the buyer’s specification at the time of the contract, and after the problem is confirmed by SGS, all your payment will be refunded.


We carry all our products from the factory door to the final destination of Clause A insurance, All Risk.


You will have the ability to track it in all stages of sending the product and it will reach you with ease. And with Clause A, All Risk insurance and SGS, there is nothing to worry about. And to maintain the quality of honey and not increase the HMF, we use Refrigerated containers and warehouses.


In accordance with the organic standards of the United States and Europe, which confirms that our products do not have GMO.


Organic America and Europe, ISO 22000, ISO 9001, HACCP


Due to the organic certification, our organic products do not have MRL. And in natural products it is very low or does not exist at all.


According to tests, it is between 8 and 20. Given that we are in the tropics.

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