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Important investments in manpower, training, plant and equipment over the last 5 years has already resulted in a substantial increase in sales and the elimination of quality issues and now GoldenSkyFood is the leader in supplying the FIRST CLASS quality of dried fruits & nuts to the globe.

Our wide range of Laser Sorted, X-Ray Scanned and Hand Picked products meet the highest quality standards which helps us to offer excellent services to our international clients who mostly are multinational companies in the food industry.

Customer satisfaction is the most important factor in the success of a company. When a company becomes a customer of GoldenSkyFood their satisfaction is the key to our success.

Interaction, openness and trust are tenets that our QA department relies on. In our dynamically changing world, where the innovation and changes are unavoidable, inflexible companies are destined to disappear. We believe in giving our customers whatever they wish. We hope we could make their dreams a reality.

Good Manufacturing Practices are keys to our business. HACCP systems are widely in use amongst our existing suppliers. Our commitment to attaining the highest quality standards is exemplified in our achievement of BRC Grade AA, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005 & HACCP certificates. This gives our customers confidence that we endeavor to offer them the best.

We realize that our clients have a legal right to ensure that we meet certain standards. Laboratory analysis for sensitive items that require So2 or Aflatoxin / Ochratoxin certificates is available for every lot/shipment.


With this in mind our approach, to Quality Assurance is always proactive. Suppliers are chosen carefully via many inspections and audits, meanwhile maintaining a regular and strong Supplier Relationship Management in the supplier chain is a must.

It’s important to us that we adequately address the needs of our clients and therefore, it is important that we demonstrate our diligent compliance with legislation and good practice. This we achieve in the following ways:

1) As we are an BRC Grade AA, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005 & HACCP Certified company accredited company, clients can be confident that every move is undertaken and audited as per the highest standards.

2) By supplying to an agreed signed specification which includes a reference to food safety legislation, combined if necessary with certificates of conformity to the agreed specification. Our supplies in conformance with specifications are backed up by production documentation that is both accurate and meaningful.

If any doubt still remains please feel free to contact our QA department on: [email protected]


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We are a production and export  company with over half a century of experience. Golden  Sky Food guarantees the quality of its products with the finest ingredients, completely natural, free of additives and artificial colors. We can be the right business partner for you with world-class appropriate production and Quality.
Elevate your offerings with the taste of natural perfection. Crafted with care and free from compromise, our ingredients will shine through in every dish.

Call today to discuss partnership opportunities and unlock a world of flavor for your customers.



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