Akbari pistachio is a very long and well-shaped pistachio (Super Long) that has its customers almost all over the world, and this issue can have various reasons, which, according to pistachio experts, due to the easy peeling of this pistachio, the feeling it is good and in practice is classified as luxury pistachio.

In terms of price, it usually always has a higher price than Fandoghi pistachios

The color of the Pistachio shell is naturally light cream. However, the Akbari shell is darker than the other types and it is closer to cream. Also, it has natural brownish spots on the shell. As it is clear from its name, it is one of the long shape types of pistachios.


Characteristics of Akbari Pistachio

Akbari pistachio is a very long and well-shaped pistachio (Super Long) that has its customers almost all over the world, and this issue can have various reasons, which, according to pistachio experts, due to the easy peeling of this pistachio, the feeling it is good and in practice is classified as luxury pistachio.

In terms of price, it usually always has a higher price than Fandoghi pistachios. Akbari pistachio trees do not produce much fruit every year and typically have a high yield every few years.

This is because there is almost always less quality Akbari pistachio in the market. The price will be higher.

akbari pistachio


The root of Akbari name in pistachio cultivars

Naming pistachio cultivars does not have an exact scientific basis and is usually based on the name of the person who reproduced the tree.

Pistachio cultivars that are famous in Rafsanjan

Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei, Akbari, Sefid Pistachio Nogh, Fandooghi, Koleghoochi, Qazvini, Mohammad Aghaei, Ouhadi, (Ebrahimi, Red, Agah, Vahidi) and Wrinkles, Haftadataei, Pistachio Jabbari, Seif al-Dini, Mumtaz, Shahpsand, Badami Zarand and hundreds of Thousands) Another pistachio cultivar in which each person has chosen a name for a variety according to his power in pistachio agriculture has become popular among the people with this name.


General advantages of Akbari pistachio and the reasons for its popularity


If it is fresh and hand-picked, it will be well-roasted (toasted), and it will have a crunchy and delicious taste, which is one reason for its popularity. Akbari pistachio is long and beautiful and looks more luxurious, and usually, people who see more beautiful pistachios think it is better! Akbari pistachio is easier to peel.

You do not need to put unique energy into it to peel it. This has given Akbari pistachio a luxurious look and does not bother to peel for women who have long nails!

akbari long pistachios


Advantages of Akbari transplantation for farmers

In terms of Akbari pistachio properties compared to other cultivars, no specific article could prove that Akbari pistachio is superior to other pistachios in terms of properties and always directs the market needs to the farmer.

In recent years, Akbari cultivar in Iran It is very welcome, of course, it should be noted that not only the issue of higher prices of Akbari pistachios and its economic cost, which has led to the increase of this pistachio but also Akbari pistachios have less water consumption in summer.

Due to recent droughts, this issue is further because farmers are lucky to have Akbari pistachios.

Disadvantages of Akbari pistachio for farmers

Akbari pistachio tree, compared to other cultivars, has large trees and is very leafy, but it is more sensitive to pests such as psyllids, and if it is not confronted, it can shed its leaves. Annulation in Akbari trees usually always happens (unlike Ahmad Aghaei), and even with sufficient care of the trees, it is not possible to harvest a lot of trees every year. In the best case, we have an annual and a half-year year!


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Pistachio trees need winter cold in various sizes to wake up after it is over. For Ahmad Aghaei and Hazelnut trees, the need for cooling is less, and it is usually provided every year.

For Akbari trees, it needs cooling for about 1200 hours at temperatures below 6 degrees Celsius. Winter is typically no time off (at least the last 15 years).


akbari pistachios


Necessary recommendations for planting pistachio trees and constructing a garden

Be very obsessed with choosing a pistachio tree because it’s vital for the future. Standard suitable pistachio rootstocks in Iran are Zarand almond rootstock, which also has a low price (under ten thousand tomans).

Better rootstocks are UCB1 (American hybrid) rootstocks, which are more resistant to salinity and environmental stresses and grow much faster. And allows you to transplant in the second year. The disadvantage of hybrid rootstocks is their high price, but considering that pistachio investment is usually highly profitable after six years, hybrid cultivar’s choice is recommended.

In choosing the right place to grow pistachios, be sure to do the necessary research. Usually, if the pistachio tree grows well a short distance from your land, pistachios will likely work well in your land.

Characteristics of Akbari pistachio tree

This species has medium growth power and extensive growth habit.

The average height of a tree is 3 meters

In this tree, leaf length is 4.15 mm (medium) and leaf width is 4.4 mm (low).

The size of the terminal leaflet is larger than the lateral leaflets

Besides, the shape of the end leaflet is a broad spear.

The cluster of this type of pistachio has an approximate weight of 51.6 grams. The importance of dried pistachio in each group is 15.4 grams. This cultivar has large pistachios with 20 (low) smiling ounces.

akbari pistachios


Akbari pistachio fruit traits

The tip of the skin is green, and the skin is red when the fruit is ripe.

The bone skin’s fracture position in the abdomen and back is equal, and the pistachio shape is rectangular.

The upper color of the brain is purple-brown, and the skin color of the bone is dark cream, and the kernel’s surface color is purple-brown, and the background color of the kernel is light yellow, and the ripening of the fruit starts from the tip.

The length of dried pistachios is 12.22 mm (high), the width of dried pistachios is 61.12 mm (high).

Fruiting of Akbari pistachio

The onset of rapid fetal growth is 10 July and the time of fruit ripening is 31 September (late). The beginning of this cultivar’s flow is 21 April (late flowering), and the final stage of flowering is 26 April and the duration of the flowering period is 11 days.

Export of Akbari pistachios

This kind of pistachio is not ready to get substantial EU standard authentications. Since the main issue for EU nations is wellbeing norms.

The most difficult of these is the aflatoxin certification since Akbari pistachios remain on the tree longer than other pistachios until ripening and harvesting. In the last days of the harvest season, the most aflatoxin pest is absorbed by this type of pistachio.

At the same time, its export is a good option for the Indian and Arab markets.


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