Normal Pistachio Powder

Normal Pistachio Powder is made from normal shelled pistachios in an hygiene process. The carefully chosen pistachio materials are ground into a powder in a controlled, standard procedure. Click here for more information about quality control.


Normal Pistachio Powder


Pistachio has always been considered one of the most nutritious and valuable types of nuts. This nutrient is now used in powder form for ease of use. Today, Normal Pistachio Powder is used in most food industries such as confectionery, Sohan, Gaz. You can go to Normal Pistachio Powder to dried fruit production centers or confectionery stores to get first-class pistachio powder.

Pistachios are rich in copper, magnesium, and B vitamins, which strengthen the immune system and prevent many diseases. The most famous pistachio in Iran is the Rafsanjan pistachio. The city is known as the city of pistachios, and you can find the best of it in Rafsanjan. We also have them on our website. The price list of pistachio powder varies according to the quality of pistachio.

Be sure to contact us to buy Iranian pistachios

First-class quality pistachio powder is different from Normal Pistachio Powder, just as pistachios’ price varies according to their type, such as Akbari pistachio, Kallehghoochi. Today, Iran has the largest export of pistachio and pistachio powder in the world.

The market of Normal Pistachio Powder

Today, only ten percent of pistachio production is consumed domestically, and 90 percent of this product is exported to other countries. Most of this product is shipped to Russia, India, Germany, Uzbekistan, and Iraq.

Other countries have long recognized the importance of this food and were aware of its effects on the body and immune system, and knew that the best type of this product is produced in Iran, so Iranian pistachios have always been one of the products that the foreign food companies have always been looking for.




Pistachio powder. Delivery from Iran

We produce and export pistachio powder directly from Iran.

Our company offers 2 types of powdered pistachios:

  • Yellow (produced from normal pistachio kernels)

  • Green (produced from green pistachio kernels)

Bulk packing: 10 kg vacuumed packing in carton boxes.

Retail packing: 100 g – 1 kg.

Minimum order quantity: 100 kg.

Small orders (up to 1 ton) are delivered by air.

In the case of delivery by truck or vessel, we recommend ordering a full 20ft container (12 – 20 tons) to minimize transportation costs.

Terms of delivery: FCA, FOB, CFR, CIF, CPT, DAP.

For any inquiry or additional information please contact us.


Usage & Benefits


Major consumers of powdered pistachio kernels are food suppliers, restaurants ice cream, and juice stores.

Powdered pistachio kernel has much utilization for designing handmade foods and sweets as well as confectionaries and bakeries.

Powdered pistachio kernel is used vastly in designing nut & milk and vitamin drinks.

Pistachio kernel is rich in phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium so the regular use of this nut with a combination of other foods is highly advised for controlling and reducing blood pressure.

Harvesting time & place

Major producers of powdered kernel pistachio are in Kerman province and particularly rafsanjan city But also it can be produced in any other pistachio prone regions.

Pistachio harvesting time and following that pistachio kernel production is usually in September and October.


Nutrition facts


Nutrition Facts

Per 100g  powdered kernel pistachio

Energy(from fat)

504 (74%)

Protein content

23 g


35.1 g

Total fat



1230 g


13 g


170 mg


600 mg



The fresh city company, with years of experience in the field of providing, packaging and exporting nuts and pistachios to all over the world, can provide dear worldwide customers by powdered kernel pistachio in different packaging as below:

Bulk packaging

5 kg carton

10 kg carton

Consumer packaging:

It can be vary according to customer’s request


Usually kernel pistachio producers use two methods for opening close shell pistachio and taking out its kernel:

Group 1: operator/hand opened: in this method a person hired to open pistachio shell by using proper tools. Wasting kernel in this type is about 2-6 percent and very low.

Group 2: Mechanically/machinery opened: the time which is needed for this process is less than other method but Wasting kernel in this method is about 10-16 percent and is much somehow .

Fresh city company, with years of experience in the field of providing,processing,preservation and packaging Dates, Nuts and fresh products can supply customers with below powdered kernels which takes out of this kind of pistachios:

A) fandoghi pistachio

B) Kale ghoochi pistachio

C) ahmad aghaei

D) akbari/momtaz kernel

Kale ghoochi pistachio kernel is very yummy and unique in flavor and round & big in size.ahmad aghaei pistachio kernel is long and have a fantastic taste .

Akbari/momtaz kernel is a more luxurious and expensive kind of kernel due to its larger and longest size and delicious flavor In comparison to other kernels.fandoghi kernel usually have the lowest level of aflatoxin.

PersianPride which is equipped by the modernest and latest machines and tools in the field of preserving,cleaning, processing and packaging fresh fruits,dried fruits and nuts and as a professional exporter in this industry ,can supply above pistachio kernels in two A and B  grades.


Storage conditions


Powdered pistachio kernel can be preserve for 12 month after the date of production in a room temperature which has proper air ventilation.

For maintaining pistachio kernel flavor and smell, it is better to preserve them is a refrigerator which has below 5 degree.

Shipping and delivery

PersianPride with its professional records in the field of exporting dried fruit to all over the world, can implement all necessary actions for transferring, shipping and exporting the products.

PersianPride can make contracts in the form of FOB or CFR depending on customer demands.


powdered pistachio kernel price can be varying according to the grade, type of pistachio and the method which uses for opening the shell.

Please be in contacts with our sale experts via whats app messenger or email for informing our up to date price for natural kernel pistachio.

Additional information







Shelf Life and Storage Condition

24 month, Keep in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight

Harvesting time

Chemical/Artificial Additives

Type of packing in bulk

Consumer Packing for stores




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