Normal Pistachio Kernel, in high volume and quality for export are used to send from Iran to all over the world, and its varieties are sold in domestic and foreign markets.

The highest export among pistachio products, after its raw and saline type, is related to Normal Pistachio Kernel because it is the first product obtained in the first processing of pistachios and is the only edible part of pistachios.

In the production of Normal Pistachio Kernel, its kinds are generally separated and offered to the market at different prices.


Normal Pistachio Granola/Diced is a very nutritious and high-calorie food made from a combination of grains, nuts, honey, and dried fruits. Combining this food with milk or yogurt can be a healthy and energetic breakfast or snack. You can buy Normal Pistachio Granola/Diced ready to use.

The nutritional value of Normal Pistachio Granola/Diced is very high due to its nutrients. In addition, the granola is very filling and quick to prepare. Ready-to-use granules are not relatively expensive.

Usually, granola is served with plain yogurt or flavored and fruit yogurts, fresh fruits such as strawberries, berries, bananas, and pineapples and eaten together, along with granola, a variety of cooked and flavored cereals, and beans. Fresh milk is also served.

Normal Pistachio Granola/Diced is also served with ice cream, desserts, and sweets, and is even used as a topping in some desserts and sweets, and is also made as a granola bar.

Is Normal Pistachio Granola/Diced good for athletes?

Athletes are aware of the properties of Normal Pistachio Granola/Diced and the effect of this delicious snack on their health. During long walks and runs, long picnics, and spending time in nature and exercise, consuming granola helps provide the necessary energy and is rich in vitamins. It is essential for the body and does not have high calories compared to some ready-made snacks.

There is no standard formula for making granola, so how healthy it depends on the ingredients used. Oatmeal usually uses oats, nuts, or dried seeds and fruits. Normal Pistachio Granola/Diced is very beneficial.

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