Chopped Pistachio

Chopped Pistachio (Granule green pistachio kernel)  is a derivative of green peeled pistachio kernels. It still carries the fine qualities and fresh aroma of green peeled pistachio kernels with the added benefit of providing various green shades to go with all kinds of recipes.

Granule Pistachio Kernels are considered more versatile than Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels, yet retain the same nutritional value. Offering a yummy crunchy bite and delicious taste, we recommend you include them in your daily, healthy diet.

The green peeled pistachio kernels are crushed into ready-to-use granules in a hygiene site. This eliminates the need for potential consumers to go through the trouble of having to dice them themselves whenever a special need comes up. In our company, the effort has been made to provide clients with the finest quality Granule green pistachio kernels being tailored to special recipes. Click here for more information about our quality control.


Chopped pistachio


Chopped pistachio is one of the best and most expensive pistachio products, and Chopped pistachio is exported worldwide due to its very green color, sufficient oil, and first-class taste. The quality of the chopped pistachio depends on the green color and health of the slices, as well as its taste and oil, which in turn depends on the type of raw pistachio.

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It is better to make sliced pistachios at home so that it is both economical and healthier. There are two ways to prepare this kind of pistachio, depending on whether the pistachios are wet or dry.

Methods of preparing chopped pistachio

The first method is wet pistachios: before the pistachios ripen and fill up, this type of kernel is extremely green and beautiful. It is easy to make from this type of kernel. First, separate the pistachio kernels from the bone skins, then divide the pistachio kernels from its middle line into two lobes, and then cut the cobs.

The second method is dried pistachios. In this method, the pistachio kernel is separated from the dried pistachio (bone shell), and then the pistachio kernel must be peeled, or in other words, it must be double-skinned.To peel the kernels, pour them into a bowl of boiling water and leave for about one to two minutes. .

But in this time interval, we test from time to time whether the skin separates from the kernel or not because if it boils too much, the pistachio will soften, and its color will turn yellow due to boiling in water.


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Shelf Life and Storage Condition

24 month, Keep in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight

Harvesting time

Chemical/Artificial Additives

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