Freeze Dried Strawberries

All natural and healthy — no added sweeteners and no preservatives.

  • These freeze dried strawberries are produced to have a pleasant crunch.

  • All strawberry products are evaluated for good strawberry flavor.

  • 1/8 to 1/4-inch slices of freeze dried strawberry.

  • Excellent source of fiber and vitamin C.

  • No infused sugar and no sulfites!

  • Food safety screening tests are performed for microbiological hazards.

  • Food safety screening tests for pesticides are performed covering hundreds of pesticide agents.


Freeze Dried Strawberries


But what’s the best way to make strawberries more portable without sacrificing critical nutrients? Freeze-drying. It’s the only method that locks in vitamin C and vitamin A (both of which degrade quickly when dried in a traditional dehydrator), yet also gives you a healthy snack that’s truly shelf stable.


10-15 years

Freeze dried strawberries are great for long-term food storage because they’re storable for 10-15 years.



This process preserves the structure and flavor of produce in ways freezing and reheating, canning or other preservation methods do not. When adding freeze-dried fruit to water, it only takes about five minutes for the fruit to rehydrate, infusing the water with delicious fruit flavor along the way.


For work great as a topping for oatmeal or cereal. They are also tasty ingredients that can be used in cookies and other baking recipes. You can use them in smoothies or yogurts, and even jams and jellies.


Freeze drying vs dehydrating nutrition comparison

After rehydration, the freeze-dried fruit is very similar in nutritional value to its fresh counterpart. However, it loses some of its fiber and vitamin C. In contrast, dried fruit loses 75-90% of its moisture and nearly 40% of its nutrition through heat treatment.


To maintain the crispiness of the Crispy Fruit, keep the opened bags in an air-tight container or refrigerate unfinished bags. Refrigeration can rejuvenate the crispiness to a certain degree.


The Pink Drink is made with either freeze-dried blackberries, both fantastic. Unlike traditional dried fruit (think raisins), freeze-dried fruit isn’t shriveled and dense; it’s light and airy!

Additional information

PRODUCT NAME (Conventional)





By applying the best quality drying method called Freeze
Drying which results in a dried product without the
loss of its original texture, aroma , and flavour and
having excellent rehydrating quality in warm water


100% Pure Strawberry
No Additives. No Preservatives. GMO-free. Allergen Free


Dried Strawberry Quarter Piece
No use of Sulphur Dioxide for drying

Microbiological Results:

Total Plate Count: NMT 10,000 CFU/gm
Yeast & Mould: NMT 10 CFU/gm
E. coli: Absent in 1 gm
Salmonella: Absent in 25 gm
Coliforms: Absent in 1 gm


Bags: 3 layered aluminum-finish pillow pouch bags, 12 mics.
polyester adhesive laminated to 90-mic co-extruded Poly
Film. Food Grade
Bag Marking: Product Name, Product Code, Weight in Kg. Mfg.
Date, Best Before Date

Process Flow:

Raw Material
Sorting & Washing
Freezing at -35°C
Vacuum Dried in a Chamber
Metal Detector


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