Freeze Dried Apples

All natural and healthy — no added sweeteners and no sulfites


  • Freeze-dried 3/8″ diced apples.

  • Excellent source of fiber and a good source of vitamin C.

  • No infused sugar and no sulfites!

Ingredients: 3/8-inch dices of freeze dried apples with 0.6% lemon juice for color retention.

Common uses: Backpacking food, camping food, healthy snacks, and quick-and-easy cooking at home. Like our other freeze dried fruits, our apples are often added to cereals, smoothies, desserts, and trail mixes.

Packaging: Bagged selections are in high quality resealable foil pouches with moisture absorbent pack to help ensure freshness after initial opening. Bulk box orders use sealed plastic bag inside sturdy cardboard box.


Freeze Dried Apple is one of the products that can be used in seasons other than apple fruit harvesting. Today, with the development of the web and the Internet, people’s awareness and general information about fruits and food products has increased, which makes the popularity and use of dried apple very high.


Freeze Dried Apple


The use of Freeze Dried Apple products and edible products has been customary since the distant past when people used to dry fruits in different ways to supply their food in different seasons.

Any type of apple can be used to prepare Freeze Dried Apple products, but what is more common in the market for these products is that red apples are more popular among producers due to their crisp texture.

This type of product can increase the shelf life of apples because its juice is completely extracted and its dense texture that contains all its nutrients is provided.



Freeze Dried Apple Golden Sky Food



Due to the fact that there is no water in the dry apple fruit, it can be said that its weight is very low, for this reason, its supply and sale price will be much higher compared to the fresh apple fruit.


In general, the use of the dry product of any fruit can have all the benefits of fresh fruit.

It is not possible to use fresh fruit in every season because of the difficult conditions for long-term storage of fruits, but using dried fruit does not have these problems.


The storage period of the dry product of each fruit is different, but in general, it can be said that dry apple fruit can be stored and stored for about one year under normal conditions.


Dried apple fruit has many properties, which has made it one of the popular and popular products among different people. This product can be used in different snacks because of its high-calorie content. By using it, you can prevent the increase in the number of different meals.


Today, dried apple fruit can be prepared and bought in the market in different ways, and each of these methods naturally has different prices.


Various packages can be considered for the supply of dried apple fruits, and the producers use these types of packages to present their products as best as possible.


But the question that exists is, what are the characteristics of first-class and high-quality dried apple fruit, and basically what factor causes its high quality?


The most important features that can be considered for dried apple fruit include:
1. For the production of these products, fresh and first-class fruits are used.
2. There are different methods and devices to produce quality products.
3. Washing and preparing the fruit pieces are done correctly and with similar sizes.






Energy (Kcal/100g – kJ/100g) 371/1567

Fat (g/100g) – Of which saturates (g/100g) 3,70 1.4

Carbohydrate (g/100g) – Of which sugars (g/100g) 73,5 66,5

Fibre (g/100g) 13

Protein (g/100g) 2,20

Sodium (g/100g) 0,01

Moisture (g/100g) 2.5

Organic acids (g/100g) 3

 Ash (g/100g) 2,1


Additional information


The product obtained by freeze drying of frozen apple without skin that has been cut.
The product is manually sorted before packing.


Flavour (taste and odor): typical of apple
Colour: typical of apple
Color defects: possible red or yellow-green traces from apple’s skin
FD apple is produced with raw materials whose quality is subject to natural
variations. Therefore, deviation in sensory and size cannot be excluded between
Target / particle size distribution : (measured before transport)
– Pieces size: 10x10x10cm target (indicative, not a criterion for release)
– Fines <2mm : <10% max


Parameter Target Method Norm
Moisture Content <5% Oven (4hrs – 70oC under vacuum) ISO 1026


Freeze Dried Apples will store for 10 to 15 years in a sealed in a small can and a #10 can (oxygen absorber included) under ideal storage conditions (cool, dry place). Once opened, it has an average shelf life of 12 to 18 months.


For information purposes: Ascorbic Acid, Citric Acid and Salt are used by our
supplier as processing aids.
Please note: Processing aids have no function in the final product as sold to the
consumer and therefore they need not be declared on final packaging.
No addition of ingredients considered as “engineered nanomaterials” according to
FIC 1169/2011 definition.


Nutritional information is indicative and has been calculated using data from Souci
Fachmann-Kraut, 7th Revision and from our suppliers’ data sheets. Energy has
been calculated using conversion factors of EU regulation 1169/2011.
Moisture + Protein + Fat + Carbohydrate + Fibre + Organic acids + Ash =100.0


The product is packed into a 6 Kg inner heat-sealed polyethylene bag.
Each bag is packed into a carton measuring 80x40x34– carton 90 l
12 cartons are placed onto a one way 80 x 120 cm pallet.
Each pallet is covered with a pallet board and is then externally shrink wrapped
with a polyethylene film.


Each box will have a printed label with the following information:
CF Production Code, CF Product Description, Lot Number
Internal CF order number
Gross Weight, Tare, Net Weight
Production and Best Before End
Sender and consignee address


None of our products are derived from genetically modified organisms including
additives and processing aids. No labelling declaration is needed according to EU
regulations 1829 and 1830 /2003.
None of our products are irradiated including additives and technological aids.
All our primary packing materials are Food Grade and compliant with EU regulation
1935/2004 and 10/2011 and amendments.


TBC: To Be Confirmed
CF: Chaucer Foods
FD: Freeze Dried
100 g of FD apple is equivalent to approx. 750 g of frozen apple.
This value is indicative and is based on our analytical results obtained on our raw
material. This value may vary from crop to crop.
This specification has been established according to the best of our knowledge. This is
the customer responsibility to make sure that the specified material is used in
accordance with the legislati


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